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department of agronomy


The department of Agronomy is offering UG courses since inception of the college (1991) with credit load of 20 hrs including RAWEP and PG Prgramme since 2010. Till now 10 students had completed Post Graduation from the department. From this academic year (2016) the department is offering 24 credit hours for UG course excluding RAWEP and AELP with the implementation of V Deans Committee recommendations. Also the department is offering 25 credits for PG Programme. Agricultural Experiential Learning Programme has been the compulsory part of the department since its inception i.e, 2010. The college farm with a cultivable acreage of 100 acres also works with guidance from the department. The department is maintaining laboratory for UG courses and class room and laboratory for the PG students. Also the department maintains a Meteorological Observatory ( Class II B type) in the college farm. The department is presently having 3 teachers staff members and one Office attender all being Assistant Professors.


Dr. Mallu Srinivasa Reddy
Assistant Professor and Head Specialization: Organic farming and water Management Phone: 9885138021 Email:
Sri. U. Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy
Assistant Professor Specialization: Conservation Agriculture Phone: 9491105600 Mail:
Dr. P. V.Ramesh Babu
Assistant Professor Specialization: Weed Management and Nutrient management Phone: 9866787072 Email:
Smt. S. Kajabee
Officer Attender Phone: 123456789 Email: