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department of Genetics and Plant Breeding

Genetics and Plant Breeding

The department of Genetics and Plant Breeding was started in the year 1991 at Agricultural College, Mahanandi and has been mainly entrusted with the responsibility of Under-Graduate teaching initially and Post-Graduate teaching was started during 2010. The department also take up research programmes related to the improvement of crops of the Scarce rainfall zone of Andhra Pradesh for Post Graduate research. This department offers 5 courses at UG level, and 10 courses for P.G programme. So far, M .Sc (Ag) degree was awarded to 14 students. The department has laboratory facilities for undergraduate programme and molecular biology labs for post graduate studies. The research programmes of this department are being formulated to generate breeding material in different crops viz; groundnut, jowar, redgram, chickpea rice and sunflower and then to make selections for the improvement of yield along with resistance to various biotic and abiotic stresses. The student’s research work is carried out with the collaboration of scientists of RARS, Nandyal and ARS, Kadiri.


Dr.M.Sudha Rani
Assistant Professor Specialization: Rice Breeding and Seed storage and testing & DUS testing of Maize, blackgram and greengram Phone: 7382310217 Email:
Dr. A.V.S Durga Prasad
Assistant Professor Specialization: Sunflower and Blackgram breeding Phone: 9989210879 Mail:
Sri V. Ravi Prakash Reddy
Assistant Professor Specialization: Molecular Breeding Phone: 9966665434 Email:


The following courses are offered under B.Sc (Ag) programme with a credit load of 15.

S.No Course no. Title of the course Credits
1 GPBR-111 Principles of Genetics 3(2+1)
2 GPBR-211 Principles of Plant Breeding 3(2+1)
3 GPBR-212 Principles of Plant Biotechnology 3(2+1)
4 GPBR-311 Breeding of Field and Horticultural crops 3(2+1)
5 GPBR-312 Principles of Seed Technology 3(2+1)

The following courses are offered under M.Sc (Ag)

S.No Course no. Title of the course Credits
1 GP-501 Principles of Genetics 3(2+1)
2 GP-502 Principles of Cytogenetics 3(2+1)
3 GP-503 Principles of Plant Breeding 3(2+1)
4 GP-504 Principles of Quantitative Genetics 3(2+1)
5 GP-508 Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics 3(2+1)
6 GP-509 Biotechnology for Crop Improvement 3(2+1)
7 GP-510 Breeding for Biotic and Abiotic Stress Resistance 3(2+1)
8 GP-515 Maintenance Breeding, Concepts of Variety Release and Seed production 2(1+1)
9 GP-507 Heterosis Breeding 2(1+1)
10 GP-591 Master’s Seminar 1(1+0)

Succession list of Heads of Dept.of
Genetics and Plant Breeding

S.No Name of staff Periods
1 Dr.Rama Subba Reddy Aug,1991- Jan,1992
2 Dr.Ramana Reedy Jan, 1992- Nov, 1996
3 Dr.M.Naga raja Rao Nov, 1996- May, 2009
4 Sri N.Lingaiah May, 2009- Oct, 2010
5 Dr.B.Narandra Oct, 2010- July, 2012
6 Smt.D. Bharathi July, 2012- Jan,2013
7 Dr.A. Prasanna Rajesh Jan, 2012- Feb, 2014
8 Dr.T. Srinivas Feb, 2014- Dec, 2015
9 Dr.M.Sudha Rani Dec, 2015 onwards


The research programmes mainly carried out are
Genetic Analysis Studies:To identify the best selection strategies for rapid crop improvement.
Genetic divergence studies: To identify more divergen and going for recombination breeding programme
Stability analysis: To find out stable genotypes for different environments.
Drought tolerance studies: To identify the parents having resistance to moisture stress conditions in Groundnut .
Studies on the effectiveness of various selection procedures in improving yield and yield attributes in different crops.
The results of these findings have been published in National and International journals for the benefit of other scientific staff.

Dr. M.Sudha Rani

She was born in Proddatur village of YSRKadapa district of Andhra pradesh on 24th July, 1969. Presently working as Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Genetics & Plant Breeding, Agricultural College, Mahanandi of Acharya N.G.Ranga Agricultural University . She obtained B.Sc. (Ag) M.Sc. (Ag) and Ph.D in Plant Breeding in 1992, 1994 and 2012, respectively, from ANGRAU. She has 1 year of experience in teaching and 15 years research experience in rice breeding, seed storage and testing . She guided 4 M.Sc.(Ag) students and associated in development of two varieties in rice namely, WGL-44 and WGL-283. She has published more than 40 research articles in various national and international journals of repute and also involved in preparation of three training manuals, two pamphlets, 25 popular articles and contributed the technical information to three training manuals and prepared one practical manual for P.G students. She has got specialization in rice breeding, Seed physiology, storage and testing & DUS testing of maize, blackgram and greengram. She handled one PPV&FRA project in maize and blackgram and greengram as nodal officer one RKVY project on ‘DNA fingerprinting in major crops as P.I, one DBT project on ‘Biofortification of Maize to combat Vitamin A deficiency’ as Co P.I. She developed the technologies for safer seed storage in rice, sunflower and maize & priming technology in jower, standardization of seed testing procedures in cotton rice and prevention of pre-harvest sprouting in groundnut. She received Vaddadi Narasimhaswamy Gold medal for securing highest OGPA during P.hD programme and University Gold medal for securing highest OGPA during M.Sc (Ag) programme.

Dr. A.V.S. Durga Prasad

Dr. A.V.S. Durga Prasad (April,5th, 1980 - ) is currently working in Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University (ANGRAU) as Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Genetics and Plant Breeding at Agricultural College, Mahanandi. He obtained his B.Sc (Ag.), 2003 from the College of Agriculture, Rajendranagar , Hyderabad and M.Sc (Ag.) with specialization in Genetics and Plant Breeding in 2005 from Agriculture College, Bapatla of ANGRAU. He received his Ph.D (Ag.) in Plant Breeding and Genetics in 2016 from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU), Coimbatore. He qualified both CSIR-UGC NET in Life Sciences (2003) and ICAR-ARS NET in Genetics and Plant Breeding (2013). He was awarded ICAR’s AICE-SRF (PGS) with Fellowship for pursing Ph.D programme in 2014. He was recipient of AGRIINNOVATION Award (2015) - GKV Society, Agra and two awards from the Indian Society of Plant Breeders (ISPB), TNAU, Coimbatore - ISPB Dr. P. Veerabadhiran Gold Medal (Best Ph.D thesis in Blackgram) and ISPB Student cash Award. He also won several Poster / Oral presentation awards in various national seminars, conferences and Symposia. He began his career in ANGRAU as Assistant Professor at Agricultural College, Naira on August 31st, 2007 and since then, has been actively involved in teaching profession till-date (UG - since, 2007 & P.G – since, 2010) at ANGRAU. To his credit, he had published more than 15 research articles and also delivered radio talks benefitting scientific and farming community. He also serving as a peer-reviewer for two popular research journals – ORYZA and International Journal of Agricultural sciences. He is also a Life member of several reputed national and International Journals. He had also participated in a number of training programmes / workshops / seminars / symposia / conferences. Currently, he is guiding two M.Sc (Ag.) Students of Genetics and Plant Breeding. Besides, he also shouldered additional responsibilities in ANGRAU as NSS Programme Officer (for two Years) at Agricultural College, Naira and is presently holding additional responsibility as Officer-in-Charge of Academic Matters (U.G) at Agricultural College, Mahanandi.

V.R. Prakash Reddy

He was born in Tangutur village, Banaganapalli Mandal of Kurnool district of Andhra pradesh on 15th July, 1988. Presently working as Assistant Professor in Department of Genetics & Plant Breeding, Agricultural College, Mahanandi of Acharya N.G.Ranga Agricultural University. He received his B.Sc (Ag) degree from Acharya N G Ranga Agricultural University, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh and M.Sc (Ag) from Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding from University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, Karnataka. Where he received University Gold medal. He is a recipient of Inspire Fellowship of Department of Science and Technology for PhD programme. He has published several research, review papers in various national and international journals. He has already authored three books titled Heterosis and Combining ability studies in Sunflower, Key notes on Genetics and Plant Breeding and Key notes on Plant Biotechnology. His research interests include Plant Breeding and Molecular Biology.