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department of entomology


The Department of Entomology came into existence in the year 1991 with the inception of the college. The department is involved in implementing the RAWE programme and crop protection technology courses to B.Sc (Ag) final year students to gain practical farm work experience for understanding the problem of crop protection. The department at present is offering 5 courses with a credit load of 13 for B.Sc (Ag) students.


Dr. L. Vijaya Bhaskar
Assistant Professor and Head Specialization: Acorology, Insecticide resistance management, Integrated Pest Management Phone: 0850079882 Email:
Dr. K. Swarajya lakshmi
Assistant Professor Specialization: Apiculture, Microbial control, Integrated Pest Management Phone: 9440350689 Email:

Department of Entomology offered courses
(Accorded to old syllabus)

S.No Course no. Credits Title of the course Semester Offered
1 ENTO- 131 3(2+1) Insect morphology and systematics First semester
2 ENTO- 231 3(2+1) Insect ecology and Integrated pest management Second semester
3 ENTO- 331 4(3+1) Pests of crops and their management First semester
4 ENTO- 332 1(0+1) Sericulture, Apiculture and lac culture Second semester
5 ENTO- 333 2(1+1) Field diagnosis in Agriculture Second semester

According to new syllabus the following courses
are offering from 2016-17 onwards

S.No Course no. Credits Title of the course
1 ENTO- 131 3(2+1) Fundamentals of Entomology I (Insect Morphology & Taxonomy)
2 ENTO- 231 3(2+1) Fundamentals of Entomology I I, (Insect Ecology & Concepts of IPM)
3 ENTO- 331 3(2+1) Pests of Field Crops & Stored Grains and their Management
4 ENTO- 332 3(2+1) Pests of Horticultural Crops and their Management & Beneficial Insects
5 ENTO- 333 3(2+1) Biopesticides and Biofertilizers
6 ENTO- 334 3(2+1) Agrochemicals
7 ELCT 272 3(2+1) Food Safety Issues
8 PATH 373 2 (1+1) Principles of Integrated Pest and Disease Management